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the story

When Carl Cucumber invented the qBook he ignited a tech-revolution. 50 years later, the world is inundated with qPhones and qBots. Hundreds of Cucumber stores span the globe and the company is the most valuable in history.

Managing store #R034 is Aaron, a die-hard fan with dreams of changing the world alongside his childhood hero. He’s joined by a team of geeks, hipsters, outcasts, and bros who serve on the frantic frontlines of Cucumber retail. Good thing there’s a T-REX working security, a wizard making repairs at The Wizard Bar, and the qCafe keeping everyone caffeinated.

Aaron’s drive and passion for Cucumber make him perfect corporate material, but events currently in motion are unfolding rapidly. Carl Cucumber has seen the future. He has seen...The Qpocalypse. Now he’s on a quest to avert disaster, which may threaten the very future of the company. The only person standing in his way is Aaron.

It won’t be easy with an ongoing turf war with the nearby Cybersoft store. Not to mention the corporate spy that’s infiltrated the team. Things truly spiral out of control when a disgruntled AI leads a qBot uprising against humanity. Aaron and Cucumber’s intertwined fates will collide in an epic showdown that will decide the fate of the world.

Aaron and Cucumber’s intertwined fates will collide in an epic showdown that will decide the fate of the world.

the characters


Aaron has always dreamed of working alongside his childhood hero, Carl Cucumber. Hired to work launch day of the original qPhone, he quickly rose to become lead council of The Wizard Bar, and now manages his own store, #R034 – one of the highest-rated locations. Aaron’s unassuming, go-with-the-flow personality is loved by misfits and (most) customers…he’s taken the occasional fountain soda to the face.

Aaron can sense his dreams on the horizon, but everything is about to change. Cucumber is not the man he thought. He will be forced to decide whether to follow the footsteps of his hero or become enemies. The fate of Cucumber hangs in the balance.

heart of the story

Cucumber Computers has gone through several iterations. The nature of the story can go in any direction. As a satirical peak behind the scenes of tech retail, the potential is limitless for over-the-top nonsense. Our society has become addicted to gadgets and social media, a point Cucumber takes every opportunity to make fun of, but what mattered more to us was heart. As much as we love the wacky, we value compelling stories and characters more. We want you to love and care about the fate of these Cucumber misfits.

To find the emotional foundation, we looked to our own experience for inspiration. Trust the universe. It’s something we’ve lived by throughout this entire project. When obstacles present themselves, we don’t give up, but trust the process. Life tends to always make sense looking back, a lesson our main character, Aaron, along with every member of the misfits, will embody on their individual character journeys.

There are many other themes intertwined, like the unbreakable bond of friendship, betrayal, and the perils presented by technology. These themes are wrapped into an epic story that unfolds over thousands of years, and 10 episodes.

cast & crew

Chris Forsythe

Chris Forsythe has filmmaking degrees from the Zaki Gordon Film Institute and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Currently, he lives in San Diego with his son, working as a production assistant and copywriter. Drawing on his own hands-on experience in the retail tech space, Chris has developed Cucumber into a compelling story packed with quirky and humorous characters in a unique but real-life setting that results in hilarious shenanigans.

All characters and events depicted in this film are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.